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We were founded after Misha in sales told Alex to meet a client at Starbucks in Erie, Co. What followed was the recovery of Lady Bug Carpet Care's web site (after more than a year of being offline) and creation of us as an LLC.

We try to be open minded and only interested in solving problems. This means we'll work with any web hosting service or even other designers to try and get you the best product. You're the customer! What you want actually means something here, but don't tease us! Of course we do have our own opinions about who to use what for and reasons to back up those choices if you're in the market.

We don't just work on web sites. We also do graphic design for logos, art, and everything else (Redbubble). That includes audio and video editing as well. The great thing is that many of those skills transfer over to giving you the best web product possible.

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Make Your Site Exciting


From recovery and minor edits to a complete redesign from scratch, we're here for you!

Digital Documents with E-Sign


From thought concept to minor updates, or simply making up forms with the logo on them.

Clean & Clear Vision


Sometimes that picture came out almost right, and sometimes it almost wasn't worth taking. Let us help you out!

Your Message in a Nutshell


Let's make your video clean, clear, and crisp for your business. It's just shows off how awesome and professional you are!

About Us

We're here for you! We actually want to help relieve some of your stress by taking care of problems for you. Simply put, we're in business to help you do business! We work on site at your business or from home, whichever is more convenient and efficient.