Frequently Asked Questions

What Does My Business Really Need?

It's not only the norm to have a website now, but expected. Your customers will look at you as less reputable without one and less well liked. If you have a loyal customer following, chances are they have already made a Facebook page for your business without your help.

Ownership of your business' web presence allows you to shape your online face to best represent you. It allows allows you to give customers a preview of your business, your hours of operation, and directions without having to answer the phone.

There have been quite a number of research groups done on this topic, with a quick google search you can find them from Forbes, Google, Amazon, and many many others.

How Focused On Security Should I Be?

Like anything else you can do too much or too little for security. Most businesses simply won't need to put any sensitive information on your website. It's for your customers, not the I.R.S. so they really don't need anything you don't want to put online. It's probably wise to have an SSL certificate (which we will provide free with hosting) so your customers can have a secure connection if they wish though.

If you do have sensitive information you need to be online there are a number of ways to protect it. Depending on how secure it needs to be we can simply put it behind an access wall, which is good for things like your important business links or typical paperwork forms you don't really want to be loose. We can also bring you up to 2 key encryption for sensitive data that just has to be available online.

With the chrome 64 update coming this summer, most users will see "Not Secure" on your website URL if you don't have an SSL with https. Our hosting service includes this feature, so you can be ahead of the curve.

What is Google's Mobile First policy?

This policy has a deliberately misleading name. Google's Mobile First policy is really a mobile equality policy. Since the internet is used predominately by mobile devices (over 52% and rising every day) Google changed to this policy. Basically if all the content you have online isn't available equally on desktop and mobile the search results for your website may be pushed to a lower position.

We only create responsive website designs which means all of your content is available equally to both Desktop and Mobile users. If you look at our website for example on your computer it will look different than on your phone, but just because the content has automatically shifted positions to fit the larger screen.

We also work with Wix for our 1 day business offering. Wix doesn't support responsive design, but we do setup a dedicated mobile site with Wix that has the same content. It's not our preferred way but it's very effective from a time and cost standpoint to use Wix.

What Does An Annual Hosting Plan Include?

Your website needs a place to live on the internet and that's what our hosting plan is about. The annual part of it is that we bill it annually to you. Our hosting plan includes a non-premium domain (most domains), an SSL certificate and HTTPS, shared space on our virtual private server (for security), and a number of tiny updates to your website. These updates are really just there to fix small problems, say your hours change in the middle of the year or something got missed by spellcheck. We won't bill you again to fix those things.

Being on a virtual private server we manage means that other users of the server will not be able to see nor alter the serverside structure of your website. We use a hosting service so we can provide a higher grade connection speed and SSD drives for all our customers. This also allows us to have dedicated staff on hand at all times to maintain that server without actually having to hire a team, giving you faster support against attacks and better maintenance than we could offer on our own.

It's about you getting the best product.

Do You Bill Me For Every Little Thing?


Our policy is not to Nickel and Dime our customers. We can typically fix typos or make small adjustments without billing additionally. We do have an hourly rate we bill by and a minimum of 1 hour, but it's not so that we can add every tiny thing onto your bill. We try very hard to offer the best combination of cost, services, and support.

Can You Work With My Existing Website?

Typically yes. As long as you own the copyright to your website we can usually build off what you have or rework what you have to be compatible with mobile devices. We can usually re-use content you like which saves billable hours on your project too.

You should know though that some projects are not worth the time put into them. Sometimes it will take quite a lot more time to work off what you have than to build a new site closely resembling it. We can take a look at what you have before we get started to figure out the best plan of action, we're here to work with you.

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