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The 1 Day Website (The Small, Quick, & Fiesty Package)

There are some things every business needs. This package is just the basics, but it doesn't look like a hit and run. This is a high quality website from a template, and it can even include a web store! This is ideal for businesses that don't need an unique solution but still need to keep up with the competition.

Branding Domain Name Map Embed Web Basic Pages Facebook Yelp! Mobile Friendly Load Time Optimization Google Map Dot Bing Listing Yahoo Listing

Bring Your Business Online

We've grouped everything you need for a basic web presence together. You'll get a modern web site showcasing your business and product, which is listed in search engines and is mobile friendly. Over 50% of searches are done on mobile now, and it's great if your customer can not only browse your web site but also have directions to your business sent directly to their phone.

We do these for a flat rate so you're getting a deal! We understand you have a budget we need to fit in and a time line when you want to see results. We can have your new web site up in a day but search engines are harder to work with. For example, it usually takes 2 weeks to get your google map dot made official.

Take a look at Team Roping Life's website we put up in October. This is a great example of how you can pick and choose what you need while still getting a professional mobile friendly website on a short time schedule. TRL didn't need yelp, a map embed, or branding from us. They did however need a web store and analytics, both Google and Facebook, so we just swapped in what they needed.

Keep Trucking Online

The basics will get you by and are a great way to get into the online world. You can stop there if you like and still feel pretty good about what you're getting. However there's more to the web and we can help you get the most out of that too.

Google Analytics Online Catalog Product Photography Blog Custom Forms & Paperwork Graphic Design Videos

Build Up Your Online Offering

Add ons are great, for example Google Analytics are a nice easy add-on that will tell you where your customers are coming from, which is great for knowing where to spend your advertising dollars. You can add pretty much anything you can think of to your web site. There's no catch all because every business is different and needs different tools.

This can also be the way to start for businesses that have an online presence already. If you don't need the things in our 10 Hour Head Start we can work with what you have, where you have it at our hourly rate.

Documents and Forms

Paperwork. The life blood of business. We can help you turn those piles on your desk into a file on your desktop! Going paperless isn't just a green decision, your life can actually be made easier. Tired of sending copies to customers, contractors, and yourself? What if it was done automatically? Need to get customer signatures, no problem!

PDF Standard Document Format Adobe Sign Offline E-Signatures Web Forms Subscription Mailing Lists Brochures

Online & Offline

Almost every business needs some form of marketing brochure or has tedius paerwork that needs to be done regularly. We can make your brochure sparkle or your typical paperwork easy to fill out on a tablet. Have product annoucements and news to send out periodically, we can make it so your customers can sign up to have them sent directly to them. Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, let us use our magic wand to make that happen for you!

Starting at $100.

About Us

We're here for you! We actually want to help relieve some of your stress by taking care of problems for you. Simply put, we're in business to help you do business! We work on site at your business or from home, whichever is more convenient and efficient.